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Consulting Services

I can provide expert advice and services in the following areas:

Stock Audio and video footage and Multi-media presentations on my adventures studying wild parrots 

"From the field" Wild video footage and audio of:
Red-masked parakeet

Rose-ringed parakeet

Maluku Island cockatoos

Red-crowned parrots

Wild parrot monitoring and field studies

Wild parrot detection and identification

Population size, spatial distribution and long term monitoring 

Parrot field study planning and execution

Wild parrot mist netting, radio collaring, banding (extensive experience netting and banding other bird taxa also)

Wild parrot radio telemetry

Comprehensive foraging evaluation

Wild parrot (and other organism) spatial modeling using GIS

Population spatial and movement patterns and trends 

Predictive models of future distribution and identification of suitable habitat

In suitable cases estimations of activity range carrying capacity can be done
(this will identify at what population size and point in time that parrot individuals may be more likely to expand their geographic range)

brief examples below: