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Licuri and Buri palm nuts

Acrocomia aculeata and Allagoptera caudescens

The Licuri palm (Syagrus coronata) is considered by naturalist, ornithologist observations and scientific publications to be the main food of the Lear's macaw and other blue macaws in some of their native ranges. (see the hyperlinks to references on the "LINKS" page at top of page).  Other medium and large macaw species will also find these to be appealing.


The Buri palm (Allagoptera caudescens) produces a similar nut to the Licuri and is found within macaw-populated areas their nuts are also great native treat for your macaws.  




Lear's Macaws feeding on Licuri palm nuts


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Select 15 or 40 Licuri palm nuts

Buy Buri, Allogptera caudescens, palm nuts

Select either 15 or 40 nuts from the pull down menu after clicking "add to cart".

Select 15 or 40 Buri palm nuts

Shipping using USPS Priority Mail small box (up to 40 nuts) about six pounds of nuts) special reduced rate of $2.95.

Money back guarantee, satisfaction guaranteed!  At the time of shipping I personally inspect the quality of each order and only mail out the best of what is available.  Please email photographs and a description of the problem (to avoid shipping charges) and I will refund your purchase price (minus the shipping cost) for the portion in question.

No pesticides, herbicides, soaps, etc. were/are used on the palms or the fruit that I sell, nor do they come in contact with any parrot species before shipping since I do not have any captive birds.  I recommend, as with any natural food item, that it be inspected and washed before giving it to your bird and not come in contact with your birds water source or water dish.  Parrots do not dunk these foods in their water source in the wild.  
Wild parrots thrive on these exact natural foods in the wild and there is no reason to believe they would be any different from other fresh produce however, extraneous circumstances dictate that and associated persons shall not be held liable for any damage or loss.
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